Benefits of Vitamin C

May 22, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Bio Jouvance Paris Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin C Cream

Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin C Cream, Vitamin C Everything. But what's so special about it? We're here today to tell you: a lot. So kick up your feet, pour yourself some OJ and get comfy. We're about to deep dive into 5 key benefits of Vitamin C, why it's essential for our survival and what positive effects it has on our skin. 

1. Antioxidants Antioxidants Antioxidants.

What are they & why are they important? Antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals. When these radicals accumulate, they put the body through oxidative stress leaving it up to antioxidants, that are found in foods and produced in your body, to help protect against cell damage. What we're trying to say is, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and aids in disease prevention which is pretty darn great. 


2. SPFs Right Hand Man.

Vitamin C is basically SPFs wingman/woman. Although it does not absorb UVA & UVB light, it's antioxidant properties protect against UV induced damage. Research has indicated that topical application of Vitamin C greater protects against these harmful free radicals, more than oral supplementation used for the same purpose.



 3. Who Doesn't Love A Nice Glow?

Most of us correlate Vitamin C skincare with brightening properties, but why? Vitamin C, especially Vitamin C Serums are concentrated and acidic. What this does is strip dead cells from the surface of the skin, resulting in a clearer and brighter complexion. This process also aids in reducing dark spots and pigmentation and evening out skin tone. A win-win situation all around. 


4. All About The Plump.

Ever-changing buzzwords come and go in the skincare community, Collagen & Elastin being one of them, but for good reason. Aside from brightening, Vitamin C's acidic properties also aid in inducing a more aggressive production of Collagen & Elastin which in turn heal skin, prevent wrinkles, work to repair acne scars and give the skin a more plump and healthy look. 



5. Making Everyday a Good Hair Day.

Aside from protecting your body and brightening and glowing and rejuvenating your skin, Vitamin C can also positively affect your hair. Collagen is great for plumping the skin but it also works to accelerate hair healthy hair growth. Incorporating Vitamin C in your diet will result in increased collagen production and proper iron absorption. This is key in reducing split ends, fighting against hair damage and bringing back the good head of hair we all don't want, but absolutely need.



There you have it folks. 5 key reasons why Vitamin C is not only beneficial, but also essential in protecting the body, clearing and brightening the skin and growing perfect Beyonce status hair. Well, almost. The Queen will always be 6 steps ahead, but there's nothing wrong with shooting for the stars ✌️💫


Thanks for reading babes, we'll see you next time!



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Mary Moore
Mary Moore

July 27, 2019

Love this! I use Vitamin C Serum every morning and it never lets me down!!

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