Sargarome Essential Oil Blend

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    This combination of synergically-blended oils has many uses. Hydrating, sanitizing, and relaxing are just a few of its benefits.

  • Recommended Uses 
    - Sargarome Essential Oil Blend can be used on the sponges that are used to clean clients’ faces: Apply a drop after each extraction and then all over the face for its antiseptic properties. It helps restrict the spreading of bacteria and eliminates scarring.
    - Sargarome Essential Oil Blend can also be used with massage oils, creams, or body wraps. To create an aromatherapy effect, apply a drop of oil on each towel in the hot towel cabbie to keep it sanitary and smelling great.
    - It may also be used as an oil diffuser to refresh the air, or be used on the sponge inside the nozzle of a steamer to give the steam a refreshing smell.

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