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Bio Jouvance

Bio Lift Cyro-Stem Cell

This product is very simple to use and your client will begin to notice improvements in the condition of their skin almost immediately. With consistent use (daily cellular therapy program for three consecutive months), the skin cells that renew every 28 days will be able to use the active ingredients in these fresh, live cells in their renewal process. Note: Since every product in the Bio Jouvance Biological skin care line was created to work synergistically, it is highly advised to use only Bio Jouvance products in the client’s live cell therapy skin treatment regimen. INSTRUCTIONS: Cleanse and tone the skin, using the Bio Jouvance products appropriate for the client’s skin type. Pat the skin dry. Remove the Bio Lift frozen stick from the freezer and allow thawing slightly for a few minutes within room temperature. Generously apply the frozen cell bar directly on the face and neck areas. With the fingertips, massage fluid into the skin with gentle circular motion. Allow the fluid to be absorbed completely into the skin. The skin will feel taught. Gently roll Bio Jouvance Globes over the treated areas to maximize the penetration of the live cells. This step helps firm and tone facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation. The treatment should be finished with the application of a Bio Jouvance specialty serum suited to the client’s skin type followed by an appropriate day or night cream. For external use only. If redness, irritation or excessive stinging develops, wash product off immediately. Discontinue use and consult your physician.