Beauty Globes

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  • Filled with non-freezing liquid, these durable globes retain cold temperatures for up to twenty minutes. Incorporating cryotherapy to your facial routine will progressively enhance skin tone, reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Use of Beauty Globes on a daily basis increases product absorption through cryo gymnastics of tiny muscles (closing and opening of pores due to cold) and overall minimizes the appearance of large pores. Apply Beauty Globes after waxing to cool the skin and get rid of redness.

    Daily use of Beauty Globes makes your skin firm and lifted with a natural and healthy glow. Perfect for all skin types.

    Note :Use beauty globes on the temples when migraine headaches start or on sinuses when allergies flare up

  • Store Beauty Globes in the freezer, refrigerator or on ice.
    Make sure the surfaces are clean before each use.

    To clean, you can use rubbing alcohol or any other germicide. Use chilled Beauty Globes by rolling in an upward circular motion over forehead, cheeks, and neck for 3-5 minutes after treatment or at the end of your makeup application.

  • Propylene Glycol, Anti-Freeze (liquid is sealed in none breakable syphers)

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