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Body Roller

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1. Apply Bio Jouvance Paris Cleanser appropriate to skin type.
2. Apply Bio Jouvance Paris Toner appropriate to skin type. Pat skin dry.
3. Exfoliate the skin with one of Bio Jouvance Paris Exfoliants depending on skin type: Gentle Face & Body Polish – for mature, sensitive skin Gommage Sloughing Cream – for oily, large pores, thick skin
4. Use Bio Jouvance Octopeel Enzyme Peeling Masque under the steam.
On cleansed skin, apply one of Bio Jouvance Paris Bio-Active Marine DNA Ampoules or Cell Booster Ampoules.(See Bio Jouvance Price List for the complete listing of products.)
5. Apply sanitized Bio-Roller according to the diagram below. Please refer to Figure 1 for the appropriate direction on how to use the Bio-Roller and the frequency of application. Apply the roller 3 time at the same area then move to other area.
6. Apply another layer of the Bio Slimming Gel or Specialty Serums previously used in Step 5.
7. Apply one of Bio Jouvance Body Creams, Slimmingappropriate to skin type after the application of Bio-Roller depending on the treatment you are performing. (See Bio Jouvance Price List for complete listing of products.)
8. Protect the skin by applying Bio Jouvance 4-in-1 Sunscreen SPF 30
9. Repeat the treatment once a week for 3-6 weeks.
10. Send client home with 0.25mm Bio Roller for use every day with the appropriate serum according to your client’s skin type.
Note: Bio-Roller can be used on the body for treatment of stretch marks and cellulite areas.
Note: For stimulation and collagen build up, repeat this procedure as a series
3-6 treatment

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