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Bio Jouvance

Pure Collagen Sheet Anti Wrinkle 5 pkg (CLGN-330-P)

Bio Jouvance Pure Collagen Sheet is a fine-pored and velvety masque, constructed of non-woven collagen tissues, saturated with scientifically proven active ingredients that re-hydrate, rejuvenate, repair and soften the skin wherever applied on the face, eyes, breasts or body.

Boosts the short-term moisture content and has a long-term hydrating effect
• Acts as an impressive anti-irritant.
• Releases beneficial active ingredients directly into the skin.
• Absolute skin cell compatibility to reduce roughness.
• Consists of lyophilized collagen to provide an optimum release of moisture, reduce irritation and soothe the skin from itching.

For the maximum results when treating the skin with a Collagen Sheet with Vitamin C, begin with complete Bio Jouvance facial products. Use the appropriate Bio Jouvance skin care products based on client’s skin type. First cleanse, tone the skin, deeply exfoliate and apply appropriate Bio Active ampoule. Tip: Perform massage.

After completing these procedures, apply the Collagen Sheet with Vitamin C appropriately designed to correct the specific skin problem at hand. Take the sheet out of the packaging just before use. For the face, cut a hole for the nose and mouth. Place the sheet on the skin and spray with Bio Jouvance Active Solution for Collagen Sheets (item BJ-335-P). Use the Bio Jouvance Applicator Fan Facial Brush (item ACC-1630-P) or cotton wool pads to moisten the skin masque until it feels as a second skin. Leave the masque on for 20 minutes while the collagen dissolves and penetrates the skin. Then remove the masque by pulling it from neck to forehead.
Performance Ingredients:
Collagen – helps the skin to produce and build collagen
Ingredients: Cellulose