Vitamin C Facial Treatment

December 10, 2019 2 min read

Vitamin C Facial Treatment

Your clients want to be on their A game this holiday season, so we put together a facial treatment that will have them jolly, holly and most certainly glowy. 

Vitamin C is full of antioxidants that protect against harmful free radicals. It's ability to brighten skin and promote a youthful glow and radiance makes it a top choice for this holiday glow up tutorial.  




Products Used

- Hydrating Cleansing MilkThis light milky cleanser thoroughly cleanses skin and gently removes surface impurities and all traces of makeup. It can also be used to remove eye makeup.

- Hydrating Toner: A gentle, fragrance-free toner specially formulated with a soothing botanical complex. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract work to restore and maintain the skin’s ideal PH and hydration levels. 

- Gentle Face & Body Scrub: This creamy skin polish is specially formulated to leave the skin smooth and refreshed. Natural Jojoba beads will sweep away all dead cells, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. The Bio Jouvance Paris Gentle Face & Body Scrub will work to rejuvenate skin cells and leave the skin with a glowing and flawless finish. 

- Octopeel Enzyme MaskThe Octopeel Enzyme Peeling Mask is a multi-use chemical exfoliant made up of 8 naturally occurring enzymes. Works by loosening and liquefying dead skin cells that are clinging onto healthy skin cells.

- Vitamin C Ampoules:A potent version of our Vitamin C serum, working to protect and promote the production of collagen fibers, resulting in firmer, resilient skin and a smoother, more radiant complexion.

- Depigmentation Sheet Mask: A peel off sheet mask that soothes skin while hydrating, visibly removing dead skin cells, resulting in a smooth, youthful & luminous looking complexion.

- Vitamin C Serum: Extracted from rare white oranges found only in the south of France, our Vitamin C serum helps protect and promote the production of collagen fibers, resulting in firmer, resilient skin and a smoother, more radiant complexion.

- Vitamin C Cream: An intensive and protective day and night repair treatment with Folic Acid, Citrus Extract, and Vitamins A, D, E, and K, this Multi Vitamin C Cream is an excellent Antioxidant that brightens the skin and promotes collagen production.

- 4 in 1 Sunscreen SPF 50: This broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB filters provides an optimal protection against the sun’s damaging rays. It’s water-resistant, PABA-free, and non-oily. This unique sun screen is also enriched with Vitamins C, E, and Beta Carotene. The active ingredients are microencapsulated in a Transdermal Delivery System known as Efficap™ to ensure maximum skin protection against environmental stress.  

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