Antioxidant Chocolate Peel-Off Masque

  • The Antioxidant Chocolate Peel-Off Masque is specially formulated to remove toxins and promote fresher and younger looking skin. This masque relaxes, purifies and soothes the skin. The rich blend of chocolate extracts may also decrease inflammatory reactions such as itching and redness. It is an excellent choice for skin with mild to severe Rosacea.

  • Mix the entire Antioxidant Chocolate Peel-Off Masque powder with enough distilled water to form a creamy paste.
    Cover the eyes with moistened cotton pads.
    Apply the Bio Jouvance Paris Antioxidant Chocolate Ampoule on the face, then apply the masque on the entire face to seal the active ingredients.

    Note : If you wish to treat the neck and décolleté area, you will need to use 2 extra masks (one for the neck and one for the décolleté area.
  • Algae, Cocoa, Sodium, Spirulina, Amino Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E.