Creamy Blanca Wax Can

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Glycerol, Hydrogenated Resinate, Mineral Oil, and Titanium Dioxide.


This innovative and practical wax will allow you to use on sensitive skin clients. The Creamy Blanca uses natural ingredients, selected and polymerized, this wax gives a high guarantee of constant quality. It is gentle to use on the most sensitive areas and can be pulled off easily using waxing strips.


1. Apply a thin layer on the area where there is hair and put the non-woven waxing strip and smooth very gently. Get a good grip at the end of the strip and pull quckley parallel to the skin.

2. Apply post depilatory oil if there is wax residue, after which, you may apply the post depilatory citrus cream to calm the skin and reduce redness.

SKIN TYPE: All skin types.

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