Micromica Wax Can

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An extravagant mixture of Resin and crushed pearls, this is a remarkably gentle and easy-to-use depilatory wax. A special technique used in the formulation of Micromica gives it the maximum benefits of Gemmotherapy. This is an excellent wax for all types of skin for short or problem hair.


Apply thinly on the area where there is hair and put the non-woven waxing strip and smooth very gently. Get a good grip of the end of the strip and pull it quickly parallel to the skin. Apply post depilatory oil if there is wax residue, after which, you may apply the post depilatory citrus cream to calm the skin and reduce redness.

Performance Ingredients:
Titanium Dioxide – Base of the wax; provides softness.
Glycerol Rosinate – Provides natural nourishment for the skin.
Beeswax – Thickening agent with emollient properties.
Microcrystalline Wax- Derived from petroleum; thickens and smoothes the texture of the skin.
Mica- Nurtures and sparkles the skin.


Mineral Oil, Rosin

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